Ali Khomeini, criticizing the approach of government officials, called “the solution” the “return” of sovereignty to the people

” Athar – peace be upon them – I gave him the pure bosom of his dear mother, who is a pure lineage of the pure Imams and from the Tabatabaites who have the honor of being the son of Hasnain, and I hope that she is one of the prominent scholars, committed jurists and mujahid mystics. In the way of God, he should appear on two fronts and benefit from this holy book in a worthy way: first, his old father, Khomeini, who spent his life with self-indulgence, rebellion, and ingratitude; and now, with a black face and a bag full of sins, without any hope except for the grace of God, the Most Merciful, he goes from one place to another, asking for mercy and praying for forgiveness of sins. Ment Nahd.

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January 16, 2023 | 7:05 pm