Actress Bahare Rahnama unveiled her face piercing

After that, Amir Mehdi Johle reacted to Sirvan Khosravi’s post, but in a strange incident, the Instagram account of this actor and writer of cinema and television was hacked. After the hacking of Amir Mahdi Johle’s page, Bahare Rahnama on Twitter, while supporting Johle, raised harsh criticisms against Sirvan Khosravi. In several tweets, he made serious criticisms of Sirvan Khosravi’s comments, and one of the most important points mentioned by Bahare Rahnama was that he accused Sirvan Khosravi of attracting attention with rudeness. At the same time and after Bahareh Rahnama’s speech, Sirvan Khosravi remained silent, but there were rumors that he complained about this film and television actor.

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March 18, 2023 | 11:28 pm