Actress Bahare Rahnama unveiled her face piercing

Rahnama and her ex-husband Peyman Qasim Khani were among 140 artists who signed a petition on June 22, 1392, along with other reformists and moderates, while appreciating Mohammad Reza Aref’s withdrawal in favor of Rouhani and supporting Hassan Rouhani’s candidacy in the 1392 presidential election. made public by Peyman Ghasemkhani (the former wife of Bahareh Rahnama): “I have just realized his talent in the few times I have seen his plays in the theater. Before that, I knew that he was a good actor, but I believed that he was becoming repetitive in some places. But in the last few works that I saw of him, I realized that he had abilities that have not been seen before, and even I, who am close to him, had not seen them.” Nader’s complaint. In December 2013, Peyman Qasim Khani and Bahareh Rahnama sued Nader Faturechi because of his Facebook notes, which accused Bahareh Rahnama (Qasimkhani’s wife at the time) of seeking opportunism to gain prominence. Also, Qasemkhani posted a note about this complaint in cyberspace. After this complaint, Faturechi was brought to court, but he was released on bail, and Rahmana finally agreed.

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March 18, 2023 | 11:28 pm