Actress Bahare Rahnama unveiled her face piercing

Her words in an episode of the “Dinner” series, where he said, “Today’s girls are like Nicole Kidman, and their way of thinking is Lehr,” were justified by many reactions. The head of the Council of Khorramabad city demanded to deal with him. Also, her interaction with Flor Nazari in this program caused a reaction in the audience.Bahare Rahnama said in an Instagram video about his financial situation: Naturally, when I have worked for so many years, it is natural that I have financial comfort at this age. Any person who cannot provide comfort and well-being for himself and his family after working for 30 years is a helpless person. Rahnama’s words caused a lot of reactions and criticisms toward him, and finally, the amount of criticism made Rahnama understand the words of the video audience.

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March 18, 2023 | 11:28 pm