Young people enjoy skiing on the big track in the Darbandsar ski resort 

Prepare a ski trip packing list (or reference this one from Aspen Snowmass) of what you you need to bring with you or purchase before or after you arrive: Odds are, you’ll pay more for everything from ski socks and goggles to jackets in a ski town, be it Aspen or anywhere else. The flip side to that is ski towns also have consignment shops and killer sales, especially after the holidays and late season. Another plus is that you can get advice from salespeople who likely spend a lot more time on the slopes than the guy at your local sporting goods store. It’s worth doing a bit of pre-trip research on soft goods (i.e. clothing) and stores at your destination; call and see if they have any upcoming sales or other special deals.

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January 22, 2023 | 12:13 am