Unlock Retirement Excellence: Top 5 Global Leaders of 2023 Revealed!


Embark on an enlightening exploration of the world’s leading retirement systems in 2023, where each country’s unique approach shapes the landscape of retirement excellence. Unveiling the strategies, challenges, and achievements, this in-depth analysis spans Switzerland, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands, and Iceland.

Switzerland: A Balancing Act for Retirement Success

Switzerland, with an average ranking of 6.5, secures the 2nd spot on the Natixis Global Retirement Index and the 11th position on the Mercer Index. The Swiss retirement system is a model of balance, comprising an earnings-related public scheme, a mandatory occupational pension system, and voluntary pension plans. Mercer suggests potential improvements, urging initiatives like adjusting the state pension age. Switzerland’s economic resilience is evident this year, marked by a drop in unemployment and inflation rates, contributing to its robust standing.

In addition to its economic stability, Switzerland’s commitment to a high quality of life and material well-being further cements its position as a retirement haven. The scenic landscapes, efficient healthcare system, and strong financial infrastructure contribute to the overall allure for retirees.

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December 7, 2023 | 9:01 pm