Those who thought about themselves and turned their backs on the people during protests in 2022 (serie B)

Siamak Ansari, born in 1347 and, according to himself in the Nowrozi program of Channel 3, has Tehrani origins. He graduated from the “Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University” (Tehran Branch, Center) with a BA in Theater and Television. According to his father, he was a carpet trader in the Internet Program 35 and exported carpets to Germany. He married Tanaz Hadian in 1390, and they separated in 1397. He is best known as a comedian due to his roles in comedy series and comedies, but his work also includes non-comedy films. He has played a role in many of Mehran Moderi’s works. Happy actor’s day to Siamak Ansari, who twenty-two years ago, the news of the death of his nineteen-year-old brother reached him behind the scenes, but he did not stop working, and his behavior became the most important acting lesson for all of us and his friends. A heart recipient child wished to see Siamak Ansari, which was made possible by the organ donation association. Siamak Ansari married Mrs. Tanaz Hadian in 1391 when he was 42 years old, but this life ended in separation in 1397 without having a child. Ms. Hadian has a bachelor’s degree in architecture, is a computer programmer, and has no artistic activity. If the relationship between me and Mehran Moderi has continued until today, it is only for this reason that when we are at work, we actually have a good time. I think the wish of all people is to have complete peace when they work with someone.

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September 25, 2022 | 8:36 pm