The Similarities of a son to a father ” Naser Abdollahi”


Water thins your mucus and lubricates your vocal cords like oil lubricates a car engine. Thick mucous causes friction and trauma to vocal cords. More water, less friction, less trauma, better voice. There are no hard and fast rules regarding what a singer should or should not eat just prior to performing. It’s best not to eat too much just before singing because having a full stomach will interfere with inhalation. Generally, singers should be well hydrated at all times, which means drinking at least six to eight glasses of water per day. It might be possible to substitute herbal tea or flavored waters, but soda, coffee, and tea should be limited as they can have a diuretic effect. Why? The vocal folds need to be well lubricated to function properly.


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September 12, 2021 | 6:11 pm