The private life of the 3 billion-dollar man, Jam Najafi, who is the future owner of Tottenham

Newcastle and Chelsea are among the teams to have taken advantage of this, too, with the pair being taken over by multi-billionaire owners in the past two years. A Saudi-led consortium took over at St James’ Park in October 2021 and they have spent over £200m on players in that time, while Chelsea’s US-led takeover has seen them splash out money that football has never seen before. Sarver has since sold the company to United Wholesale Mortgage’s CEO Mat Ishbia and his brother Justin for a record-high $4bn purchasing price. This could see Najafi move on, with the businessman supposedly very keen on taking over at Spurs with Levy and Lewis’ future up in the air Spurs would become 11th Premier League club to have American-based owners should Najafi take over from Levy and Lewis in the coming months. Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester United, and West Ham all currently have American owners.

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February 16, 2023 | 6:54 am