The passport of Ali Daei, the football legend, was recorded at the airport when he arrived from Istanbul

In 2013, Ali Daei got married for the second time on Bahman 1, and in 2014, he said this about the way he met Ali Daei’s wife and the characteristics of his life partner: My wife is one of our close family acquaintances. Her mother is from Ardabili and her father is from Tabriz, and she grew up in Tehran. be She has the full profile of an Azerbaijani girl and has a bachelor’s degree in the food industry. She is eight years younger than me. Ali Daei’s second child was born in 2008. A girl named Nora, whom Uncle Ali is very fond of, says: “I want Nora to achieve everything. From the Esteghlal Ardabil team, he went to the Bank Tejarat team, and from there he was invited to the Iran national team, and finally joined the Persepolis team in Tehran and continued his football career with this team. Ali Daei received numerous offers from foreign teams as a result of his outstanding performances in the national team and the Persepolis team.

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October 1, 2022 | 7:59 pm