The Former TV Presenter “Saba Rad” in pictures

I am not asking you to become an actor. I just want you to learn how to stand, move, pause, and command the room. Taking a lesson or two helps shed self-consciousness. Reagan, whom I had the opportunity to walk alongside, had a masterful glide in this step that conveyed power and mastery. Part of this was learned on movie sets and sound stages and part was natural. Most people, with a little coaching can pick up some of these skills. Even a little training goes a long way. I make speeches and presentations almost once a week, and I train others to talk. But I still take lessons in public speaking from a trained coach. Be kind to your listeners. Do not, as a general rule, use your hands during a presentation. If you do, use them only to stress an important point, or raise your arms to visually embrace the audience. Let the words do the work and not your hands.

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November 13, 2021 | 4:26 pm