The Former TV Presenter “Saba Rad” in pictures

There is nothing more embarrassing than standing in front of a small group of venture investors or an audience of thousands and not grasping your topic with sufficient depth and authenticity. Better you remain in your seat or yield the podium to someone else than to reveal your ignorance. Don’t try to impress the audience with something you do not know. I’ll tell you a secret… knowing your topic is half the battle. If you know your subject you will be accepted by the audience and you will feel a surge of confidence. Knowledge gives you authority. Your audience wants you to be smarter and to know more than they do. Otherwise they may get up and leave!You know all those Q&A sessions you have been a part of — well set one up for yourself. Ask yourself the toughest and meanest questions you can think of.

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November 13, 2021 | 4:26 pm