The Former TV presenter “Mahmood Shahriari” with daughter

Like acting, presenting can be stressful. Beware of TV Executives appearing to offer you a great show and proclaiming that you are the best. It’s likely that it all goes quiet and you never hear from them again. Starting out is hard. You need to persuade someone you can do the job like no one else and that your natural talent and likability will deliver audience ratings. Being active and having a strong following on social media has also become an important factor – with Instagram currently leading the way. A short tape showing how you can operate in a studio and on location is vital. However, you have to constantly adapt this so it squares up with the presenting job you’re going for. It sounds obvious, but if it’s a nature show you should include some nature presenting, and if it’s sports make sure that’s at the top of the tape. I’m a great believer in actually shooting material especially for a show; always tailor your showreel to fit the job.

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February 16, 2022 | 12:18 am