The Former TV presenter “Mahmood Shahriari” with daughter

Mahmoud Shahriari (born January 23, 1958 in Bijar, Kurdistan Province) is a television presenter. He has a history of presenting in several television programs, including on the Tehran network of the Radio and Television, together with Kazem Ahmadzadeh. He has also performed the live program of Isfahan network. His other works include acting in the series Two Thousand Faces as an honorary title and working in radio. He has been working as a presenter on the TV program “Friday Wick Holiday” on Channel Two. He is currently banned from filming. He said in a statement that the honeymoon program was abusing the emotions of the audience, adding that television was distancing itself from people. He said cyberspace had become a television for everyone.

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February 16, 2022 | 12:18 am