The actress Maryam Bobani also removed her hijab in protest of Mehsa Amini’s death

Maryam Bobani (born on May 26, 1332 in Sanandaj) is an Iranian cinema, theater and television actress. In order to support women and girls and Mehsa Amini, on 29 September 1401, she shared a picture of herself without a hijab on her Instagram page and wrote: (Forty years of suffering has not left my hair colored, but I want this whiteness from the compulsion of my bosses, out of respect and To be with all the women and girls of my country) Maryam Bobani was born in 1332 in Sanandaj. He studied acting for two years in free acting classes and started acting in cinema in 1376 with a supporting role in Mehr Madri (directed by Kamal Tabrizi).

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September 20, 2022 | 8:12 pm