The Actress “Mahnaz Afshar” post a photo of herself without a hijab in Germany

Afshar is one of the judges of Persia’s Got Talent, a franchise of the British talent show Got Talent, which is aired on MBC Persia. Afshar wrote on Twitter in October 2019 that she and Yasin Ramin had divorced. ”Each person, strong or weak, has an existence. But when you decide to be a single mum, you have to have two existences. You have to be strong for yourself and your child.”Camera in hand, try to split your time equally between the country’s picturesque countryside and its urban areas. You’ll be rewarded with numerous memorable travel photos featuring everything from iconic cathedrals and museums in cities like Berlin and Munich, to the quaint public squares and castles of smaller medieval towns such as Rothenburg and Miltenberg.

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January 21, 2022 | 5:22 pm