The actress Aram Jafari became Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn enjoyed the process of getting ready. So much so, it made her chronically late! Still, taking a bit of time to luxuriate in the makeup process helped Marilyn craft her memorable performances. Time asked about Marilyn’s process for getting ready and she said, “I don’t like to rush this process….I love to dress leisurely. I think we’re rushing too much nowadays.” Like many of us, Marilyn had lots of peach fuzz hairs on her cheeks and face. Instead of shaving it away, Marilyn kept it — on purpose! She knew the tiny hairs gave a blurring and glowing effect to her look under the studio lights. Marilyn took what could be considered an imperfection and made it a plus!

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March 18, 2023 | 11:45 pm