The actress Aram Jafari became Marilyn Monroe!

As a child, Marilyn grew up in an array of foster homes and orphanages. She never had any money and few possessions to her name. So, she cherished the little things, including makeup. In her autobiography, Marilyn said: “I stood in front of the mirror one morning and put lipstick on my lips. I darkened my blond eyebrows. I had no money for clothes and I had no clothes except my orphan rig and the lone sweater. The lipstick and mascara were like my clothes, however. I saw that they improved my looks as much as if I had put on a real gown.” With just a few products, at the age of 14, Marilyn realized the power of makeup. It didn’t simply make her prettier, it made her feel like a star. That confidence carried her through many hard years until she finally became the biggest star in Hollywood.

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March 18, 2023 | 11:45 pm