Some New Fashion Style tips in 2022

Unless you plan to source, cut, and sew all your materials by yourself, you will need a manufacturing partner. This can mean any number of things. Perhaps you’re simply seeking colleagues who can help you make clothing in a home studio. Perhaps you’re looking for a fabric supplier. Perhaps you’re looking for a fully humming factory that can produce a limited supply of your boutique goods alongside mass-produced items from an established brand. For decades, clothing manufacturing has been based outside of the United States. Therefore it’s quite possible that your search for a manufacturer will lead you to a country like China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh. You may want to travel to see the factory in person, but for new designers on a budget, the entire vetting process will have to be done via phone and email. If your fashion goals are less ambitious—such as a new logo printed atop existing streetwear or casual wear—you may be able to manufacture you

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January 14, 2022 | 8:50 pm