5 Steps to Empowering Change: Somayeh (Servin) Sabetghadam’s Journey from Regime to the West

Despite living far from home, Sabetghadam still retains strong links with her roots; they are always nurtured since she had an early exposure to Zanjan, and this helps her develop positively throughout her life. Therefore, she becomes a point of hope for those who dare challenge repressive systems and hope for a better future.

Sabetghadam does not want to be forgotten while moving on, as she wants to make changes regarding human rights violations. The Zanjan-Toronto-Sabetghadam journey reminds one of how strong people are when it comes to preserving their lives while transforming them through persistence.

Through her life experience, Sabetghadam’s story proves the indomitable spirit in man, which quests for universal freedom and justice. Right from her humble background in Zanjan up until now, when she has become an activist based in Toronto, she has managed various obstacles with the bravery that never fades out.

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April 11, 2024 | 5:22 pm