5 Steps to Empowering Change: Somayeh (Servin) Sabetghadam’s Journey from Regime to the West

However, in Toronto too, Sabetghadam is followed by the past, which attracts lingering accusations and scrutiny from those opposing voices. This notwithstanding, fear or intimidation will never stop me from adhering firmly to my principles.

It is therefore not surprising that Sabetghadam’s journey stands out as a testimony to the resilience and ability of the human spirit to not give up even during hard times. From Zanjan all the way up north into Toronto, there is one person who demonstrates optimism about life prospects in a future full of liberty and equality among people.

Moving forward in Toronto, Sabetghadam still commits herself to activism by raising awareness about the conditions of women and marginalized societies in Iran and across the globe. Her story resonates with many who have been oppressed and faced adversity, instilling hope and resilience amidst challenges.

In Toronto, however, she has found a supportive community that supports her advocacy work for justice and equality. She aims to foster understanding among diverse cultures through her work.

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April 11, 2024 | 5:22 pm