Sasy’s Controversial Release: ‘Layla Brothers’ Ignites Public Debate

Career Setbacks:

The release of “Layla Brothers” appears to be a strategic move by Sasy, who has faced setbacks in his career. Reports indicate a decline in his popularity, with a 2 million drop in his audience and a lack of independent concerts. Producers seem hesitant to invest in his projects, making the release of a controversial song a puzzling decision.

Release Timing:

In a departure from his usual release schedule, Sasy chose to unveil his music video in the first half of December instead of the traditional March release. Speculations arise about the strategic timing, suggesting an attempt to complete plans before Christmas and potentially capitalize on the festive season.

The release of the music video for the song “Tehran Tokyo” by Sasy Mankan, starring porn star Alexis Texas, was met with much criticism. A group called his songs immoral for young audiences, and a fall into art and culture, the result of preventing real happiness in society and the lack of teaching Iranian music in schools. A group blamed the broadcaster’s poor performance on music and its closed view.

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May 29, 2022 | 7:13 pm