Ronak Yonsi’s criticism of Mehtab Karamati’s indifference towards the killing of children

Amir Shariat is the son of Ali Shariatmadari, who, with the production of Hadi Razavi, quickly climbed the steps of advancement, and his progress in the field of acting peaked. This hereditary and family peace, often accompanied by a smile, can be seen in new dimensions on Amir Shariat’s Instagram page. Has Amir Shariat asked his father once in this stage (the arena of political power) that, “My dear and kind father, you are the one who has provided the ground for me, my wife, and my child so that I can test myself in the field of art and have no financial worries?” Basham, have you been an actor in the political scene for forty years? Have you lived in the body of someone like Mandela for a day? Have you ever thought about the people of your country like Nelson Mandela? Aghazadeh’s opinion about Nelson Mandela is to be with the director of a documentary of the same name and to have a picture with Mehtab.

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November 7, 2022 | 12:43 am