Reyhaneh Parsa and Milad Khodaei’s Love Story in Istanbul – A Fascinating Journey

Exploring Directing: “Zaman Yak Mahi”

In a bid to diversify her career, Reyhaneh Parsa decided to explore directing. She embarked on her directorial debut with the short film “Zaman Yak Mahi.” This move demonstrated her ambition and willingness to push the boundaries of her artistic abilities.

Social Media Controversies

While Parsa’s career was on the rise, her actions on social media often drew significant attention and controversy. At times, she was accused of being provocative and seeking attention. One incident that caused a stir was her decision to delete all photos related to her role in the series “Father” from her Instagram page immediately after the show ended. In their place, she posted photos that showcased a strikingly different appearance, akin to those of fashion models. In response to the ensuing criticism, Parsa explained, “I, Reyhane Parsa, a girl who from now until forever, if anyone knows her, is because of the series ‘Father’ (she will never forget this)…” She went on to clarify that the stark contrast in her appearance was not an intentional act of self-promotion.

This controversy led to Parsa taking her Instagram page out of public mode and disabling comments. The Kayhan newspaper labeled her behavior as “abuse of radio and television,” “unconventional,” and “breaking norms.” As a consequence, she faced a six-month ban from work.

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September 4, 2023 | 6:40 pm