Photocall of the Movie “Until Tomorrow” at 72 Berlin Festival

But these are interludes, brief vents of young female life-force, in a drama that soon racks up the tension once again. The mostly handheld camera gives even moments of stillness a flutter of adrenalin, and there’s a beautifully expressive use of colour, with the baby girl’s pink clothes standing out like warning flares against a dark blue-green background. The most transfixing moment, however – both visually and emotionally – comes towards the end. Fereshteh is in a taxi, and the camera rests on her face for four uninterrupted minutes as waves of feeling break over it and a sudden realisation dawns. It’s a bravura performance, and a one-shot scene to file alongside the greats.

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February 16, 2022 | 12:01 am