Photocall of the Movie “Until Tomorrow” at 72 Berlin Festival

She’s helped by best friend Atefeh (Ghazal Shojaei), a smart, no-nonsense university student who wears her red hair in a punky crop beneath her hijab. Together, they roam the city looking for someone who can take the child for the night. Until Tomorrow clearly shows how in societies where surveillance and suspicion reign, every call for help carries a risk. A white lie told to a neighbour who she is trying to persuade to accept a box of baby things lands Fereshteh in trouble with her landlord, while a nurse who may be able to look after the infant leads to the film’s most chilling episode, in which a hospital director played with finely controlled menace by film editor and character actor Babak Karimi (the judge from A Separation) offers Fereshteh his help, for a price.

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February 16, 2022 | 12:01 am