Unveiling the Spectacular Affair: Omid Kordestani’s Daughter’s Lavish Wedding Extravaganza in the Breathtaking South of France

Fashion took center stage as Misha Kordestani unveiled her sartorial prowess with sheer brilliance. The dinner party witnessed her grace in a resplendent white lace dress from Oscar de la Renta’s coveted spring collection. Intricate floral patterns and meticulously crafted pearl embroidery adorned the gown, showcasing the epitome of opulence and sophistication. The ensemble exuded an aura of timeless elegance, resonating with the essence of the soirée.

On the much-anticipated wedding day, Misha graced the aisle in a custom-made Dolce & Gabbana creation that left onlookers breathless. The gown, an embodiment of modernity and refinement, consisted of two separate pieces that harmoniously merged into a masterpiece. As Misha walked, the ethereal fabric trailed behind her, embodying her grace and poise. This bespoke ensemble served as a testament to her individuality and style, perfectly capturing the essence of the momentous occasion.

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June 28, 2023 | 11:39 pm