Nasser Mohammadkhani, a football veteran, and his fourth wife, Sepideh

He is originally from Azerbaijan and from the Middle East; he has four brothers and one sister. During elementary school, he showed great interest in football, and with the help of his sports teacher, he got into football class. In high school, when he was no more than 16 years old, he joined the second division team of Behsher Industry. Nasser Mohammad Khani scored 23 goals for the Bushehr industrial team in 1355 and became Mr. Goal. This made the railroad want him, but because he had not reached the legal age, they signed a contract with his father. The amount he placed was forty thousand tomans. Nasser Mohammadkhani played in the railway team from 1355 to 1358; he joined the National Bank team for two years in 1358 and then joined the Persepolis team.

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May 1, 2023 | 3:09 am