M. Bellucci and G. Farahani attend the cartier dinner at the « Musée des Arts décoratifs » in Paris

Dinner Party-What to wear and what not to wear. Going to a dinner party is not always an easy thing. Dressing up correctly without over or under-doing, it is a big challenge as different types of parties need different types of styles and attire. Apart from the worry of dressing right, dressing the best is a big question mark. Girls often open up their wardrobes and fail to put together a look that can make them the highlight of the evening. It is in this case that we sit down to frantically search for ideas and look-books. Being social can be a big hassle because a bigger number of parties need a bigger number of ideas on how to dress up for the event. It is not only about the dress but about all the accessories like shoes, clutch, and jewelry that needs to be added on to complete your look if you are one of the girls who find it hard to dress in a way that accentuates your look and helps you be the best then keep reading for some helpful tips and looks!

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October 27, 2021 | 10:31 am