8 Key Lessons from Mona Farjad’s Resilience in Confronting a Brutal Machete Attack

Personal Safety Preparation: Mona’s experience highlights the need for individuals to be prepared for unexpected challenges. Self-defense training and knowing how to react in a crisis can make a significant difference.

The commotion caused by their screams and shouts alerted others, prompting the assailant to flee, leaving behind his motorcycle. If Mona hadn’t reacted swiftly to the danger, and if their fellow restaurant patrons hadn’t come to their aid during the “Mona Farjad machete attack,” the outcome could have been far more tragic.

She expressed her gratitude for the quick thinking and support of those who rushed to their aid during the “Mona Farjad machete attack.”

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November 6, 2023 | 7:47 pm