8 Key Lessons from Mona Farjad’s Resilience in Confronting a Brutal Machete Attack

Community Support: The prompt response and aid from fellow restaurant patrons were crucial in deterring the attacker. Community support can be a lifeline in moments of danger.

In her social media post, Mona Farjad described a terrifying incident that unfolded when she and her friends were at a restaurant, searching for foreign movie posters on the internet.

Suddenly, she sensed a dark presence nearby and, upon turning around, saw a man wearing a black hat and a mask covering his face, marking the beginning of the shocking “Mona Farjad machete attack.”

In a split second, she raised the alarm, shouting “thief” and trying to protect her friend’s mobile phone. It was at this moment that she noticed the sharp blade of the thief’s machete, which was poised to strike.

The intensity of the situation led to her and her friends being thrown to the ground, narrowly avoiding a potentially fatal “Mona Farjad machete attack.”

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November 6, 2023 | 7:47 pm