Meet the country singer “Ann Claire Pahlavi” in the U.S.


Country singer of descent, brought up in the UK and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Granddaughter of princess Shams of Iran’s Pahlavi Dynasty. The elder daughter of Reza Shah by his second wife Taj-ol-Moluk, Shams Pahlavi was born in , 28th, Oct. 1917. There is not much information about her childhood and adolescence but the memoirs of Ashraf Pahlavi shows that unlike her sister, she was not interested in politics and spent her time mostly on her personal affairs and interests and felt more comfortable in the role of a traditional housewife. She accepted the presidency of the Red Sun and Lion society only to keep her public prestige. She also presided over the Iranian Women’s Circle which was formed by Reza Shah to encourage the removal of veils.


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September 18, 2021 | 6:31 pm