Mahnaz Afshar during the premiere of the movie “My Name is Josy” in Frankfurt

Carpets are open for a finite period of time preceding an event. And press will only stay for a finite period of time as well (and have been known to leave early on occasion). The general rule is that, unless you’ve been given an exact arrival time, plan to arrive at the time the carpet opens. Allow for traffic, parking, locating the check-in station, and the unpredictability factor in general. Another option is to Uber or take a limo. At the top of the carpet you will either have your publicist with you to announce you to photographers and escort you down the carpet, or there may be someone assigned to you to do so. A well run carpet will be properly paced, meaning there will be a “cushion” between each talent. This is so that the carpet doesn’t “pack up.” The point is: There’s no point in rushing to get on. Although this may seem sensible enough right now, when you’re in the midst of all the activity and excitement at the top of the carpet, you can tend to be thrown off. So keep this in mind going in, listen to your publicist or the handler assigned to you, follow their lead, and be patient.

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October 6, 2021 | 12:57 pm