Mahnaz Afshar during the premiere of the movie “My Name is Josy” in Frankfurt

MY NAME IS JOSY “is an exciting thriller about a young woman from Hollywood, a story full of envy, resentment, love and intrigue. The convincing actors and the impressive images of an interesting location initiated and realized by director Mayk Azzato make this arthouse film something very special and contemporary. The format of the press line is photographers first, then a line of reporters. For both, it’s important to be yourself. Cameras have a way of magnifying. They can detect pretty much everything—including when you’re nervous (or chewing gum!). If carpets are new to you, practice posing in front of the mirror. Research how A-listers pose, what you like and don’t like. And when you’re talking to reporters, be yourself rather than something “you think you need to be.” The interview will go more smoothly as a result.

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October 6, 2021 | 12:57 pm