Unlocking Islamic Republic Air Force Fighter Jets: 7 Aircraft Analyzed


The warplanes in the Islamic Republic Air Force are an important part of Iran’s armed forces. In this comprehensive analysis, we will consider seven primary military aircraft, explaining their origins, roles, and how they affect military operations.

There have been recent developments when the Islamic Republic Air Force carried out a major missile as well as a drone attack on Israel, further heightening tensions. Understanding the combat capabilities of the Islamic Republic Air Force aids in assessing their military might. Below are some of the things we found at Simple Flying, an international air magazine.
Exploring fighter jets from the Islamic Republic Air Force

F-4 Phantom II Fighter

The most common type in this air force is the F-4 Phantom II, which records up to 63. These American jet fighters were acquired during Shah’s era and have seen actions between Iran, Israel, and America.

The F-4 Phantom II is one of the most common types of warplanes in the IRIAF. An American fighter made by McDonnell Douglas, it had a long operational history that included involvement in conflicts with Iran, Israel, and the United States. Despite its age, however, the P-4 Phantom II still remains a deadly presence, with 63 units in service in Iran.

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April 17, 2024 | 9:13 pm