Celebrating the 91st Birthday of Iraj: A Tribute to the Music Maestro

Friendship with Akbar Golpayegani:

During his time at the Officers’ College, Iraj forged a lasting friendship with Akbar Golpayegani. Military restrictions led Iraj to adopt the stage name “Iraj,” a nod to his brother. The camaraderie with Golpa continued, shaping Iraj’s artistic journey.

Criticism and Recognition:

Iraj’s vocal style, deeply rooted in Iranian traditions, garnered both praise and criticism. While celebrated by fans and colleagues, he faced scrutiny, notably from Nour Ali Khan Boroumand, for perceived deviations from Iranian musical principles.

The Book of Iraj Genius of Iran:

On May 9, the Iranian Genius Book of Iran was unveiled, celebrating Iraj’s contribution to music. The three-chapter book explores Iraj’s life, collaborations, and features conversations, providing an in-depth analysis of his radio programs and cataloging his works.

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January 9, 2024 | 8:37 pm