Celebrating the 91st Birthday of Iraj: A Tribute to the Music Maestro


Hossein Khajeh Amiri, famously known as Iraj, takes center stage in Iranian music history. Born on April 9, 1934, in Khaledabad, Natanz, Isfahan province, Iraj’s legacy as the “Voice Athletics” echoes through traditional Iranian music.

Early Life and Musical Education:

From his early days in Khaledabad, Iraj inherited a musical passion passed down from his grandfather, Mullah Mirza, and his father, Nematollah. This foundation, coupled with exposure to Ta’ziyyah ceremonies, laid the groundwork for Iraj’s future in music.

Musical Career:

Venturing to Tehran, Iraj crossed paths with Hamid Vafdadar, leading to a pivotal introduction to the iconic Abolhassan Saba. Under Saba’s guidance, Iraj refined his skills at the Abolhassan Saba School, later collaborating with orchestras led by Ibrahim Mansouri, Abdullah Jahanpanah, and Mohammad Ali Baharloo.

The flower program, initiated by Davood Pirnia, marked a turning point for Iraj. His debut collaboration, the Green Leaf, showcased his passion alongside Ali Tajvidi, Farhang Sharif, and Amir Nasser. Iraj’s contributions extended to Persian films, leaving an indelible mark on soundtracks.

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January 9, 2024 | 8:37 pm