Gökhan Alkan celebrating his birthday with Nesrin Cavadzade in Turkey

As a result, he was cast for several lead roles afterward. Alkan started being recognized as a mainstream actor in Turkey with his lead role as Tarık Uygun in Kocamın Ailesi, which had a run of two seasons with 57 episodes. Following Kocamın Ailesi Alkan was cast for the lead roles in series Seviyor Sevmiyor and Kalp Atışı as Yiğit Balcı and Ali Asaf Denizoğlu. Currently he shares the lead roles with Yağmur Tanrısevsin in the romantic drama Kalp Yarası. In 2016, Alkan played lead roles in two non-commercial films, Makas and Defne’nin Bir Mevsimi. Defne’nin Bir Mevsimi was crowned with many titles in numerous film festivals and was awarded the Best Film at the 9th Montreal Turkish Film Festival in 2017. Alkan was honored with a Special Award at 5th APAN Star Awards held in South Korea for his performance as Yiğit Balcı in Seviyor Sevmiyor, a variation of a Korean production.

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December 12, 2021 | 8:05 pm