From the capital to the heart of Manhattan with Aghazadeh and good genes of Zalo trait

In April 2014, news was published in the media that the members of the board of directors of Bank Turishi had given 200 million Tomans as a bonus to the board in the last meeting of their general meeting. It was stated that it was decided to pay two billion rials as a bonus to the members of the board of directors. Also, in these meeting minutes, which were signed by Mohammad Sadiq Taheri as the chairman of the board of directors, as well as Mehdi Jahangiri and Ali Ziraknejad as supervisors, it was decided to pay ten million rials per month to the members of the board of directors as the right to attend the meeting. Rajanews was revealed in a report. Mehdi Jahangiri has posted a bail of one thousand billion tomans for his release from prison, and this is the heaviest amount of bail in the history of the Islamic Republic. According to the spokesperson of the Judiciary, in February 2019, Mehdi Jahangiri was charged with the crime of professional currency smuggling worth 26 billion, or 821,480,000 Rials. For illegally transferring foreign currency abroad and for the crime of acquiring property through illegal means, he has been sentenced to imprisonment, confiscation of smuggled currency, and a fine and forfeiture of property.

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September 22, 2022 | 5:52 pm