Emrah Erdoğan İpek filed for divorce

Emrah, who got married to singer Sibel Kirer in 2014, had recently been on the news that she had decided to divorce. Emrah-Sibel Erdoğan, who continues to stay in the same house and goes on vacation together, told her close circles, “We will get divorced by agreement. We want the children to overcome this situation easily,” he said. Erdogan, who went shopping with his friends from abroad, said that there was no problem in their marriage. Program commentator Başak Çokan asked a question; “Did Emrah make a marriage contract while getting married? Do you know? Has a division of property occurred? Is there compensation? In addition, I do not think that dear Emrah will pay this 30 thousand TL. Emrah’s money is very valuable. Unfortunately, his name turned out to be stingy,” and Erol Köse said, “I went out to dinner with Emrah three times. Just when the bill was due, Emrah always went to the toilet. I swear. He gave his support to Çokan, who talked about Emrah’s stinginess with the words “I have lived it myself”.

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February 14, 2022 | 6:31 pm