Elham Arab, the controversial guest of the year 2019 in the honeymoon on TV

Elham Arab, answering to attorney for posting her pictures without scarf on Instagram. Elham Arab, the controversial guest of the year 2019, has made news again. The story of Elham Arab and his rise to fame and his migration to Dubai has attracted the attention of the media and the people. Elham Arab, who started his career as a model in Dubai, has a bachelor’s degree in law, but according to himself, when he was registered in the lawyers’ organization, his father passed away and he decided to do something else. Income and money are important issues in his life! Elham Arab participated in the honey moon program in August 2014 and became the guest of Ehsan Alikhani’s honeymoon program.

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September 17, 2022 | 6:46 pm