Appreciating of the actor “Reza Rooygari” in homeland

Reza Rooygari (born December 27, 1946 ) is a singer, painter, television, theater and cinema actor. he is known for his role in famous series such as Mokhtarnameh, Eagles and The Tenants. Classes: You’re going to want to start off by getting yourself some of the basic tools of this business. Start off by looking around for some acting classes. Universities with film and theater programs often have ongoing education classes, and you can find private instructors affiliated with theater companies. Remember that most reputable instructors will have some testimonials and positive reviews from people who have worked with them before. The other thing to keep in mind about classes is that reputable teachers will allow you to audit a class before they make you sign up. Don’t be afraid to ask! These folks – believe me – love the opportunity to show off what they do (and they love getting new students!)

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October 27, 2021 | 10:07 am