Ali Daei’s first appearance at Karim Bavi’s funeral ceremony after closing the jewelry store and restaurant

It is difficult to write about Karim Bavi because he was not called a goldsmith. We did not see the games of the late Homayoun Behzadi and only heard that he was the best referee in Iran and one of the top 5 referees in the world, but We saw and enjoyed the adventures of Karim Bavi, but he was still single. He was alone and didn’t have anyone to give him the title of golden eagle, falcon, or eagle. A child was not literate enough to read poetry from Rumi and Hafez, and my heart was taken by a sports reporter and writer: “You wear number 10, but it wasn’t even number 10!” He loved Maradona, but one of his legs was shorter than the other, so he couldn’t dribble like the Khuzestans and develop his technique. He wore number 9 again, for the love of Maradona, who was not to blame!

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December 10, 2022 | 2:30 am