Ali Daei’s first appearance at Karim Bavi’s funeral ceremony after closing the jewelry store and restaurant

Karim Bavi, a football player from our country, was born in Abadan on January 9, 1343, and is one of the most famous football players with a stormy and amazing attack, despite not being as tall as other tall female strikers.Unfortunately, Karim Bavi died on December 16, 1401, due to cancer. Karim Bavi was an footballer who played as a striker. He was one of the most influential strikers of the national team despite his short playing career. Bavi debuted for on 28 May 1986 against China. He scored 10 goals in 23 official games for his country. Karim Bavi recently underwent a difficult surgery, and due to the same problems he had due to the presence of cracks in his body, he had to undergo surgery and empty his bladder. He played the last game of his football career for a team called Sorkheh Hesar and retired from football in 1374. The occasional attempts to become a coach or return to the limelight were not so fruitful, and after his football career, he was exiled to the forgotten homeland of football. and had no way out of it.

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December 10, 2022 | 2:30 am