51th birthday of the Actress “Mahtab Keramati” in homeland

It’s always helpful to be able to do something that a director can use in the production. If you already can play musical instruments and do more unique stuff, such as riding a unicycle – perfect! Hone those skills, put them on the resume and see how this can help you with gaining that acting experience. But don’t stop there. Do learn new things and spend enough time to actually master the technique to an adequate level where you can at least fake it to look like a professional, rather than simply “know how it’s done.” What should you be learning? Anything, really. Juggling, accents, languages, musical instruments, sports, martial arts, magic and whatnot. Try some of the unusual things and put those on your resume, particularly if you already do them. Special skills aren’t the focal point of your resume (which is why they’re usually at the very bottom), but who knows, one day one of those skills may win you a significant role in a big production.

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October 18, 2021 | 6:04 pm