Zohreh Soltan-Abadi: Nurturing Pure Iranian Horses – A Tale of Passion and Excellence


At the heart of the equestrian world lies Zohreh Soltan-Abadi, a passionate horse breeder with an unwavering commitment to pure Iranian horses. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Zohreh Soltan-Abadi, the woman who is making waves in the equestrian community.

“The Early Years” – Unveiling Zohreh Soltan-Abadi’s Passion for Iranian Horses

From her early years, Zohreh Soltan-Abadi harbored a deep love for horses. Her dream of nurturing pure Iranian horses has become a reality, setting the stage for her incredible journey.

“Building a Legacy” – Zohreh Soltan-Abadi’s Path to Excellence in Horse Breeding

Within just a year and a half, Zohreh Soltan-Abadi’s first mare entered the production cycle, marking the birth of her legacy in horse breeding. Her dedication to her horses remained unyielding.

“The American Dream” – Zohreh Soltan-Abadi’s Success in the United States

In America, Zohreh Soltan-Abadi realized her dream of starting a horse farm and achieving unprecedented success in the world of equestrianism.

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October 31, 2023 | 6:06 pm