Zhila Sadeghi: A Supporter of the Supreme Leader – Unveiling Her Remarkable Journey of Love, Career, and Family

Zhila Sadeghi was born on 22nd Shahrivar 1352 in Tehran, Iran. She was destined for greatness from a young age, showing a keen interest in the arts and education. After graduating from Islamic Azad University with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphics in 1374, she embarked on a teaching career. Her dedication and unique teaching style earned her recognition in the education sector. Notably, she became known for her innovative approach to teaching in elementary schools, a method registered in 1374 in the education and training sector of Tehran’s 5th district.

Zhila’s early teaching career in underprivileged areas began at the age of 18 after receiving her high school diploma. During her student years, she continued teaching in model schools, leaving a lasting impact on her students. One of her notable students was Setare Pesiani, who later achieved fame in the entertainment industry.

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September 20, 2023 | 9:06 pm

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