Young people enjoy skiing on the big track in the Darbandsar ski resort 

Goggles, a helmet and ski clothing are a good start to your ski outfit, but let’s not forget about mittens, a scarf or balaclava (Buff makes excellent, versatile neck warmers), ski socks and a stylish beanie for après-ski! You could opt for gloves, but I find a cheap pair of water-resistent skiing mittens work better against the cold than an expensive pair of gloves. Ski socks are an item I personally invest a little more in, because those ski boots have a way of freezing your toes off. Splurge on merino-wool ski socks and thank me later (whatever you do, don’t wear short socks, as the ski boot comes up almost to your knee). A word to the wise: don’t double your socks. This will compress your feet, reducing circulation and making you colder.

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January 22, 2023 | 12:13 am