The Tale of Yekta Naser and Manouchehr Hadi’s Custody Battle: What Happened? 9 Key Events Explained


The never-ending rise to stardom in the Iranian entertainment industry has always had a dark side; the personal lives of many stars are kept hidden behind closed doors. However, this is not the case with actress and model Yekta Naser and acclaimed filmmaker Manouchehr Hadi. Their recent custody battle over their child Sofia has sent shockwaves through fans as they watch their lives crumble before them.

Naser, who has starred in various television shows and films such as “Someone Wants to Talk to You” and “Stay With Me,” has found herself amidst a legal battle with her ex-partner over Sofia’s custody. Their ongoing dispute has captivated audiences worldwide, shedding light on just how difficult co-parenting under the spotlight can be.

In an act that shocked fans even more, Mohammad Shahriari, head of the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office, decided it would be appropriate to share photos on social media of Naser and Hadi’s encounter at his office. The pictures depicted a deeply emotional meeting between the two, leaving everyone curious about the true nature of their conversation.

As things intensified day by day, Naser made headlines when she accused Hadi of breaking an agreement they made for their daughter, leading authorities to open up a police investigation against him. The former couple’s private affairs have quickly gained attention across social media platforms, where fans are now trying to piece together every little detail.

As both sides continue to clash legally, it seems like they struggle most to balance their work with being parents. Only time will tell who will be granted custody, but one thing is for certain: the Yekta Naser and Manouchehr Hadi custody battle has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide, serving as a cautionary tale of love, loss, and how damaging fame can be.

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March 24, 2024 | 9:27 pm