Exploring Yaghma Golrowi’s Artistic Odyssey: A Maestro in Songwriting

Exploring Yaghma Golrowi’s Artistic Odyssey: A Maestro in Songwriting

Yaghma Golrowi, born on August 6, 1354, is a celebrated artist known for his prowess as a songwriter, poet, author, and translator. Journey with us as we delve into the multifaceted world of Yaghma Golrowi, exploring his diverse contributions to the cultural scene.

Biography and Early Life: Yaghma Golrowi’s artistic journey began in the Mehr hospital of Urmia, where he was born on August 6, 1354. His early exposure to singing sessions in his father’s house laid the foundation for what would later become the “Song House.” Despite a decade of collaboration, Golrowi eventually separated from these sessions, voicing concerns about their conduct.

In May 1377, Golrowi published his inaugural collection of poems, titled “I said: Stay! He didn’t…” through Darinoosh Cultural and Art Institute. This marked the commencement of a prolific career encompassing poetry, songwriting, translation, screenplay, and text reconstruction.

Professional Life and Collaborations: Golrowi’s poetic compositions found their musical embodiment in the album “Ta Hamhde,” where Amir Karimi first utilized his work. Nasser Abdollahi’s “I Love You” became the first album exclusively featuring Golrowi’s compositions. Siavash Qomishi’s Niqab album in 2013 propelled Golrowi to greater fame, solidifying their collaboration until the Regbar album.

Notably, Golrowi contributed to Shahin Najafi’s fourth album, “Hich Hich Hich,” showcasing his versatility in songwriting. However, his collaboration with Najafi faced challenges following Golrowi’s interviews against Najafi.

Controversies and Reactions: In 2014, controversy arose when Ahmad Puri claimed that someone published Golrowi’s translations alongside another translator’s work under their own name. Golrowi vehemently defended his translations in response to these allegations, sparking debates within the artistic community.

Golrowi continued to make headlines in 2016 with the announcement of the controversial song “Death to America,” raising implications and reflections within the artistic community. Additionally, Golrowi collaborated with the Oj cultural and artistic institute, affiliated with IRGC, for music videos, sparking discussions about his involvement.

Impact and Musical Legacy: Golrowi’s impact extends across various artistic domains, with his poems, stories, and translations widely published. Singers like Abi, Shadmehr Aghili, Siavash Qomishi, and others have brought his compositions to life, contributing to the rich musical landscape.

Notable works include “Imagine” from Siavash Ghomishi’s album “Days without memories” and “Star” from Shadmehr Aghili’s album “Adam and Hava.”

In recent years, Golrowi’s presence in radio and television, along with his contributions to Ramadan series titles and television commercials, underscores his continued influence in the cultural landscape. Explore the artistic odyssey of Yaghma Golrowi, a maestro in songwriting, whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the nation’s artistic tapestry.

January 11, 2024 | 4:59 pm